"I have been working with General Property Management for over a year now. They have been very timely, honest and tentative to my tenant and myself. I live out of state and can rest easy knowing my property is being attended to by General Property Management!"
- Niles Boyce-Fisk

"Hi, I had lived in an apartment building that John Moss owns. I must say he was one of the best landlords I have ever had. I am handicapped, and John went above and beyond the call of duty to help me. One thing I REALLY liked about renting this apartment was the quiet. Being home 24/7, that means a lot to me. And in the winter, after a heavy snow storm, the parking lot is plowed before people even have to go to work. Now THAT is service. The hallways are always clean. It is a very well kept building. On a personal level, John and his wife are both very kind. If you need anything, just ask. All in all I recommend renting from John, you will not regret it. Oh, and I wrote this because it is really how I feel. And no other reason. A great place to rent an apartment. Thanks for reading."
- Mark F. McKinney

"I've been working with General Property Management for several years, helping maintain the properties, and I highly recommend them. I've worked with several different rental property owners, and John Moss is one of the best. He has high expectations for his properties, and wants them to look great. Knowing the level of work that I've put in on the maintenance end, I know that he would be great to rent from. He is definitely one of the nicest people I've worked with in the Eau Claire area."
- Daniel Kleven

"I initially chose to rent from General Property Management because they offered a wonderful apartment at a reasonable price in a great location. I ended up renewing my lease for two additional years because General property Management provided me with the best rental experience I could have asked for. Any repairs or updates my apartment needed were made fast. I always received a response from Management the same day I inquired. They went above and beyond what I expected from a rental company."
- Aubre Walther

"I like that GPM offers homes. As a student it didn't feel much different from living back at home."
- Laura Schulist

"We rented from General Property Management for 2 years while at UWEC. It was a great experience. Very clean."
- Erin Stanton

"This is the best landlord in Eau Claire with the cutest houses. Thank you, Chelsea"
- Chelsea Knoxville

"My daughter and I rented from John & Sharyn Moss (General Property Management) at the same location for I think 13 years. John is a very caring and honest landlord. He cares about his establishments and expects you to do the same. John never turned me down in anything I asked him to do. If we needed something fixed I'd call him and John sent his maintenance over to fix it. There wasn't anything that was broken that he couldn't fix. My daughter and I had already signed a rental agreement for this year, but I started having knee problems and our apartment was a side by side duplex. I found out that General Property Management had one story dwellings for rent so I told John we needed one. He found one for us!! In fact he called us up one morning, told us about it, I asked when we could see it he said NOW! We went there, absolutely loved it and we are living in it now. It's good we came when we did because another family was looking at it too. John and Sharyn care about their rentals and also about all of their renters."
- Margaret Wheeler