Maintenance Request

Does your apartment need something fixed? No problem! General Property Management, LLC has on-staff maintenance professionals that are here to help.

Please submit a service request

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  1. Click New Service Request
  2. Fill in the information - even attach photos.
  3. The appropriate personnel will respond.
  4. You will receive an email & text message (optional) when the work is done & Work Order is closed.

Is this an after hours EMERGENCY? If so, please call (534) 444-4407, otherwise, during normal business hours we can take emergency calls to our office phone.

DIY Maintenane Videos

Adjust Garage Door

Plugged Toilet

Changing Batteries in Smoke/CO Detectors

How To Change Your Furnace Filter


Garbage Disposal Repair Quick Fix

How to relight a water heater pilot light

How to Reset GFCI Outlets and a Tripped Breaker

Maintenance items that are covered by owners are essential service items such as:

Common items not covered include:

Residents will be charged for any service call resulting from damage or misuse. Examples are jammed garbage disposals, stopped up toilets, not changing HVAC filters, and not changing a light bulb.

Residents will be charged for any unnecessary service calls. This is when a reported issue is working properly, but was not being used properly by the tenant. Examples include but are limited to improper operation of the HVAC thermostat, improper toilet plunger use, etc. If you think you may not be operating a device properly you can YouTube most common household issues. We can often get you in touch with a technician before sending them out to avoid tenant charges.